Michael Maclean is a fine art sculptor who started his career in commemorative art in Carrara, Italy, carving white marble reliefs for Italian cemeteries. With an extensive knowledge of art history and its techniques, including carving limestone arches for The National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., his approach is at once traditionally informed and uniquely skilled.

Cemeteries can provide our communities with an important historical archive and a focus for healing contemplation. Unlike the common practice of using standardized imagery, each monument is uniquely designed, in collaboration with you, to represent your loved one in a full way, and to express the joy to have known them, along with the continued treasure of remembrance.

"I've had the privilege of watching Michael's evolution as an artist. What's most impressive about Michael is an ever-evolving skill buttressed by the wonderful magic of an original, daring imagination. That's why I trusted him to create the monument marking my lover's final resting place."
- Kendall Kyle

"Michael surpassed our expectations in executing the design for my grandparents' memorial. He did a beautiful job in integrating the sculptural cast of bronze with the raw basalt stone. It was a pleasure working with him."
- Mariana Roy

"I see much love and thought was put into the piece! I am sure Morris would love his stone. It has his playfulness!"
- Dagmar Kuril

"It's perfect and really completes her life and journey. Your words are very beautiful and I keep them in my mind. Thank-you so much again. I cannot tell you how much it means to me and would do for Irene."
- Alison Sedgewick